Review: Mora Iced Creamery

Hey! So you guys know my philosophy on eating sugar: I do it, intentionally and choosily, 2x a week. I don’t waste my Splurge days on Skittles or cardboard-like Chips Ahoy. I Splurge on things that are fabulous. And one of those fabulous things is high-quality ice cream.

This past week I got the chance to sample 6 flavors from Mora Iced Creamery. Oh. My. GOODNESS.

I’m kind of an ice cream snob. I can taste a dramatic difference between the cheapo party bucket variety and premium, full-fat deliciousness. And Mora is as premium and decadent an ice cream as I’ve ever experienced. Here are the flavors I tasted and my take on each:

Dulce de Leche Buenos Aires

YUM. Some caramel-involving ice creams veer off into the sickly sweet zone, but this take on Dulce de Leche was just plain wonderful. Such a luxurious, smooth flavor!

Cheesecake with Raspberry

Be still my beating heart! Usually my favorite ice cream flavors involve chocolate in a major way, but this rich ice cream tasted like actual cheesecake topped with actual raspberries. It was my favorite of the bunch.

Grapefruit Sorbet

I’ll be honest: after one bite I wasn’t sure about this one. It is super tart and bitter, just like a real grapefruit. But after than initial first spoonful, my tastebuds adjusted and I thought it was incredible. It was the very definition of refreshing! I’d love to dish up a bowl of this flavor on a hot summer afternoon.


I had to Google this flavor to even know what it was. It turns out it was a hazelnut chocolate, much like Nutella. It was yummy! I admit that I didn’t find it as interesting as some of the other flavors, but it was still wonderful.

Jack O Lantern

I love all things pumpkin, so of course I loved this one. Creamy pumpkin ice cream + chunks of fudgy goodness = a match made in heaven.


This was like the ultimate guilty pleasure flavor of the universe. Remember on the Lindsay Lohan Parent Trap where both twins love a glob of peanut butter on top of an Oreo? Umm, yeah. Picture that deliciousness in an ice cream flavor. This was a close, close runner-up to the Cheesecake flavor.


At present, Mora has a few locations in Washington but is looking to open in Utah soon. So if you live anywhere near one, get yourself in there and eat some incredible ice cream! 🙂

And lastly, a HUGE thank you to Mora for sending the samples! Truly. This ice cream is killer and I can’t wait until there’s a location near me.


4 Reasons I Adore POPFLEX!

So as a follow-up of sorts to my post from Saturday, who wants to talk activewear? 🙂

A few years ago, I used to just work out in whatever old grubby thing I could find. What’s the point in dressing up to get sweaty? I’ve since made a complete 180 on that front. I invest in NICE workout gear because my workouts are dramatically more effective when what I’m wearing makes me feel powerful and beautiful. And I’m being 100% honest when I say that Popflex is my very favorite activewear brand. Here’s why.

Popflex Is Beautiful

Let’s start with the obvious: all things Popflex are GORGEOUS!!!

I love every single item of Popflex I own. Here’s some of it!



Just LOOK at the pattern on this Mermaid Couture Yoga Mat! I was so excited that I painted my toes to match it. Also, they are SO thick and cushy. Before this mat I’d only ever used thin cheapie ones from Ross and Amazon. This mat feels so luxurious in comparison.


peony pop flex
Not the greatest pic, but here’s the Swan Tank in navy with the Peony Pull on My Heartstrings Bra.


pop flex meal planner
Popflex also carries some non-clothing goodies like water bottles and this meal planning pad, complete with a tear-off grocery list. I’ve only had mine for a week but already I love how it’s helping me stay organized.


My favorite outfit right now is the Fairytale top paired with the 2.0 shorts and Heartstrings bra both in Cabernet. Love love love! The shirt is so soft and pretty and the shorts are hands-down the best workout shorts I’ve found.

Popflex Is a Bargain

Now, maybe you’re seeing the prices on some Popflex items and are thinking, “Really?” But I’m dead serious.

I have wasted A LOT of money on workout gear from Old Navy and Target. Sure, it looks cute, and yes, most things ring in under $20, which is easy on the budget. But then I wear those pieces to work out and am invariably bummed. Shorts ride up. Bras chafe. Leggings are stiff and uncomfortable. Supposedly “sweat-wicking” fabric is drenched after a long run.

So next I spent money on a few selectively chosen pieces from places like Lululemon, Albion, and Athleta. Those made me feel sexy and strong and held up to even the toughest workouts. But because of the price, I literally owned two tops and one bottom that I liked. I found myself washing the same two shirts and pair of leggings 4x a week or more and sometimes having to shiver through workouts because one or both of the pieces hadn’t dried all the way. Yeah. THAT’s fun.

In comes Popflex. Yes, these pieces of clothing cost more than you’ll pay at Target. But the quality is the same as or BETTER than anything I’ve used from the pricier activewear brands listed above. For the quality of activewear you’re getting, Popflex is an absolute steal.


Popflex Is Comfy

Ahhhhh the shorts! Can I start by raving about the shorts?

I own several pair of the Pop Short 2.0 and wish I could LIVE in them. They are so, so, SO comfy to work out in. I can bend, squat, run, and jump in them without feeling restricted, having anything ride up, or feeling like my butt is going to fall out of them (lol sorry for that mental picture). But really! They are incredible. And this coming from a recent mama who’s given birth three times in six years! The lower tummy coverage and support is on point.

The tops and bras are the same. They’re super supportive for intense plyometric workouts without making me feel strapped down or strangled. Plus, most come with removable padding that my 36B self doesn’t mind one bit. 😉 Popflex really is such a fantastic combination of functionality, comfort, quality, and beauty.


pop flex
This ultra-soft tank paired with the 2.0 shorts in black is ridiculously comfortable! LOVE.

Popflex Works for ALL Body Types

Last of all. Popflex has my admiration and support because of their sizing.

Some activewear companies only produce clothing to fit fairly thin women—some stopping at size 12 or even 10. Some stores make these sizes but don’t put them out on their floors because they don’t want to be perceived as a place where “fat” women shop.

Doesn’t that make you MAD?

Women of all shapes and sizes can and should feel gorgeous and powerful in their workouts. And Popflex shows they believe this by carrying sizes ranging from XS to 2X. So whether you have a 24″ waist or a 44″ waist, you can rock Popflex Active because they have you covered! I wish more activewear brands felt this way, and I applaud Popflex for leading the way in celebrating and accommodating women of all shapes and sizes.

Below are four images of 5 different girls in the Wishing Star Capri in Plum. They look great on every single one of these girls, thin or curvy!


If you want to buy some Popflex, you can grab it through this link (or really any other Popflex link here on my blog). You will LOVE how you look and feel in it!

And more than anything, whether it’s from Popflex or anywhere else, I dare you to dress up a bit for your workouts! Treat yourself to a nice outfit or two to work out in and see what it does for your workouts. I’m willing to bet you too will see the dramatic difference nice activewear makes for your healthy lifestyle.