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I used to have a real problem with binge eating. Based on the DSM criteria, in fact, I probably would have been diagnosed with binge eating disorder at my worst point. However, over years of hard work and trying everything I could think of, I finally beat it. And I know that you can do it too! So here’s my landing page for all things on my blog that offer binge eating help.

This page contains everything I’ve written about binge eating: my story, ongoing strategies I use to stay better, and links to resources I found helpful in the past.

I want to be clear: I am no substitute for professional help. If you are looking for binge eating help, a self-guided approach may or may not be enough.  I personally found that meeting with both a therapist and a nutritionist were essential for my own recovery. If you think you could benefit from help like this, PLEASE go and get it!

My hope is simply that my posts can help you along your recovery journey, whether you are working with others who can guide you more specifically than I can or if you feel that a self-help approach is sufficient. Only you can make that call. I’m not an expert in anything related to health or nutrition—I’m just a person who overcame binge eating and wants to share what worked for me. Please, listen to your doctor or any other professionals you are working with first and foremost. Only take my advice and opinions as they fit within the framework of what those sources of help are recommending for you.

My Story

My most-read blog posts are the series I wrote about how I beat binge eating. It’s a long story that I couldn’t fit into one tidy little post, so here is my full story in 5 parts. I go through what made my binges start, what kept them alive, then finally what made them go away.


Part 1: How I Started Binge Eating

Part 2: How Restricting Kept My Bingeing Alive and Well

Part 3: My Decision to Change

Part 4: How Things Finally Got Better

Part 5: How Things Finally STAYED Better

If you or someone you love also struggles with binge eating, I hope what I share can be of some help. Note that every person is different, and the things that were answers for me may not be for you. But if nothing else, I hope this story shows that there is hope, and that people DO in fact change old habits and beat old patterns. I know this is true because I did it. 🙂

binge eating help

Staying Better

Here are some posts about how I am STAYING  recovered from bingeing. These are practical tips on how you too may be able to navigate tricky situations, like holidays, parties, or postpartum recovery, without giving into your urges to binge.


Binge Eating Help: Other Resources

Along with my story and all you’ll find here at The Girl with the Green Apple, here are several more resources. I found each of these immensely helpful as I figured out my own eating issues. Lots of these links are sprinkled throughout my How I Stopped Binge Eating posts, but here is an easy-to-click-through list of those I mentioned plus a few more.

  • Nia Shanks: 20 Tips for Breaking Free from Binge Eating. This list has a lot of great, practical suggestions that have helped me keep my head in the right place. Not all 20 were things that worked for me, but many of them are and all are worth considering. Nia writes great stuff in general, and while I’m not into weight lifting I am a big fan of all that she speaks up about and stands for.
  • The book Brain Over Binge completely changed my mindset about my bingeing problem. I no longer saw myself as broken or crazy, but viewed my binges in their proper light: natural responses to other bad choices I was making. This is an empowering, awesome read that I’d recommend to anyone who struggles with binge eating or purging.

  • Katie at Runs for Cookies is as real and honest and wonderful as it gets. She shares frankly about her own struggle with bingeing in a way that made me feel okay and not alone when I was at my worst. She has lots of posts about bingeing, including some that are more recent, but this particular post is one I came across during pregnancy #2 when things finally started changing. Lots of the practical advice here was and still is helpful to me. This post also gave me courage to keep including sugar in my life on a regular basis. If Katie could do it, so could I!
  • Intuitive Eating was a huge step in my being able to beat binge eating. It’s not what I do now, but I learned a lot from it. Check out the site or the book if you’re curious to see how it might work for you.


  • FitBottomedGirls (and its sister site, FitBottomedMamas, for any of you who happen to be moms) has been an ongoing source of body-positive, truly balanced fitness advice for me. Amongst all the clamoring voices hollering that you must eat clean ALWAYS and spend hours a day in the gym, these sites have been a voice of reason that helps me keep my head in the right place.
  • The LDS Family Services Addiction Recovery Manual was a huge help to me. It’s a modified version of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Steps. This version is intended for anyone with any type of addiction who wants to look to God and finally change. I don’t think eating disorders and addiction are exactly the same, but there’s enough overlap that this was a great resource for me. The link above takes you to the free PDF of the manual.

LDS addiction recovery manual is a great source of binge eating help


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