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Hey guys!

Well, I took a longer break from blogging than I’d originally planned. Taking care of a newborn is hard! But so worth it. So rewarding. And lots of the time, so fun. I mean, look at this girl. She’s absolute perfection. I’m 100% smitten with Scarlett and can’t believe this little angel baby is mine.

She's started smiling! Getting a little grin from Scarlett is the most precious thing in the world.
She’s started smiling! Getting a little grin from Scarlett is the most precious thing in the world.

I’m going to go back and post more in detail about what I’ve been doing as far as postpartum recovery, but here’s the short version. I’ve given myself these 2 months to rest up, heal up, eat a bit of junk and comfort food on tough days, and focus on adjusting to life with a new baby. It’s been a good call. Even with this relaxed approach, I’ve lost 21 lbs of the 32 lbs I put on during pregnancy. Woot!

I started easing into some of the gentler workout DVDs I own once my postpartum bleeding stopped and I felt up to trying exercise. That was also a good call. Beginning gradually has helped me rebuild enough strength and cardio to feel ready to start pushing and challenging myself again. And I’ve decided to do that with the program PIIT 28.

If you aren’t familiar with Blogilates, you should be. I discovered Blogilates on YouTube back in college and have been a big fan of Cassey Ho ever since. She has been creating free pilates workout videos for years now, and they are NO JOKE! Some of my favorite short Blogilates workouts include the Ultimate 2016 Abs Workout, Victoria Secret Angel Arms, 5 Best Ab Exercises, and Perky Butt & Long Lean Legs.


Throughout training for races and doing other fitness DVD sets in the past, I’ve regularly tacked on Cassey’s short videos to get extra toning work in, especially on my abs. Cassey has such a fun, bright personality. I always feel happier after doing a little workout with her, even though they are CRAZY intense.

I also have tremendous respect for Cassey for being open about her own past with disordered eating and exercise. Even more than the quality of her workouts, I love her powerful message that living a healthy life is about how you FEEL more than how you look. She’s a strong voice for what I feel is truly healthy living, and her attitude about truly  taking care of yourself instead of caring only about being skinny helps keep my head in the right place as I strive to stay recovered from all my past demons. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Cassey has been a powerful force over the years as I’ve gotten better and STAYED better from disordered eating. In fact, her post just today was a great reminder to me as I set out on this journey to not get too fixated on the number on the scale.

So imagine how happy I was this week when I was Googling around trying to pick a workout plan to commit to and found that she’s created her own complete 8-week plan! It’s called PIIT 28.




In a nutshell, PIIT 28 is a combo of pilates and HIIT training. This is perfect for me as I’m hoping to blast away some remaining pregnancy weight and tone up my core. I actually feel really good about my current weight and appearance in light of being just 8 weeks postpartum, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I want to see the number on the scale slide back down to my pre-pregnancy norm. As of today I’m 11 pounds away from my pre-Scarlett weight, and I think PIIT 28 will be a fun way to help me get closer to that goal as well as just get stronger all around.


Another part of why PIIT 28 looks like it’ll be a great fit for me is that it’s just 28 minutes a day. Honestly, with a baby even that much time can be hard to fit in! But it’s doable. If I shot for hour-long workouts or more, they’d never happen. But a short, tough, efficient 28 minutes 6x a week is totally something I can commit to. Also, it was just $39.00 for the 8-week program. That’s a steal in my mind—even on my married-to-a-grad-student budget, that’s something I could make work. Cassey has also created meal plans to go with the workouts, but I’m not using them for now. I’m sure they’re great, but I’m in a good groove with my eating and know I tend to get in trouble if I get too rigid about my nutrition.


I took before pics. Posting pictures of myself in nothing but a sports bra online made me uncomfortable, so I went for a really fitted Nike Pro tee instead. Haha. But I’m hoping that my after pics can show it get a little looser as I lean out and tighten up. So anyway. Here I am at 158.0 pounds and 23.9% body fat on November 20, 2016.

So. I’ll be posting my review of the program once I finish as well as little updates on how I’m doing all the way along. Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see daily #piitstagram posts that are part of PIIT 28. Along with the daily workouts, Cassey has included an Instagram challenge with a fun prompt for each day, so I’ll be doing that along with the workouts.

Wish me luck! I’m really excited about this!


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