Raising Healthy Daughters

You guys probably know that I’m a mom of three daughters: Sophia (5), Aurora (3), and Scarlett (3 months). I love love love being a mama of little girls. They are so sweet.

raising healthy daughters

But I worry about them a lot too. In this crazy world where Photoshop, plastic surgery, eating disorders, and fad diets run rampant, how on earth am I going to succeed at raising healthy daughters—girls who are not just physically healthy but mentally and emotionally okay as well?

I wish I knew.

The other day I popped little Scarlett into her Bumbo. I put her up next to the bathroom mirror while I threw my hair in a messy bun and slapped on my bare-acceptable-minimum level of makeup since I had to be somewhere in 15 minutes and still looked like I’d just rolled out of bed. And what I saw melted my heart.

Scarlett grinned and gurgled and cooed at her reflection for a full five minutes.

raising healthy daughters

First off, that’s just adorable. I mean look at that girl! But my next thought was that we should all look that happy to see ourselves in the mirror.

I did the same thing the next morning. And guess what? It wasn’t a fluke. Scarlett had the exact same response. She was clearly tickled pink by that cute baby in the mirror, crazy hair and multiple chins and all.

I want my girls to stay that happy, that in love with themselves inside and out. Maybe that’s not realistic. But I at least want them to be grounded and resilient enough to cope with their insecurities healthily.

My next few posts are going to be about things I’ve been doing with my girls to, I hope, stave off some of the problems I faced as a child, teen, and then young adult. Just to be clear, my parents were (and still are!) awesome. I don’t mean to come across as critical of them in any of these posts, because I don’t see my past issues as their fault in any way. But I do think that raising healthy daughters in 2017 and onward is going to require an even higher level of effort, awareness, knowledge, and love than our parents needed to raise you and me.

So anyway. Indulge me in a bit of rambling and reflection over these next few weeks. Love you all!



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