After having Baby Scarlett, I discovered a workout program that I LOVE called PIIT28. It’s short, efficient, and fun. With the warmup and cool down in addition to the 28 minutes of official workout time, you’re done in about 45 minutes total time. The workouts are made up of four 7-minutes rounds of both pilates and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) moves. That’s PIIT: a mashup of HIIT and pilates. Cool, huh?

Sure, there are lots of other workout programs that give you a tough, enjoyable 30-minute workout that will give you good results. But PIIT28 is the first one I’ve found that I can feel 100% good about recommending.

I’ve worked with DVDs from Beachbody and Jillian Michaels. I’ve liked lots of them. But I’ve found myself muting the cueing and listening to my own music because of the way they talk. “10 more reps! Skinny jeans are all you should be thinking about right now! You are going to look HOT! Think about why you’re doing this–swimsuit shopping! Sex with the lights on! Washboard abs! DON’T STOP!”


I’m on a quest to stay better from disordered eating, and a big part of that for me is staying far away from things that trigger disordered thinking. And the garbage other DVD trainers spew throughout their workouts reinforces the very thoughts and beliefs I’m trying to leave behind. Sure, the workouts are phenomenal. But would I really want my daughters to do them and listen to that toxic chatter about skinny skinny skinny blah blah blah as they exercise? Or my best friends? Or the 14-year-old girl down the street from me? Or any of you? Nope.

PIIT 28 isn’t like those other programs. The trainer and creator, Cassey Ho, is incredible. She’s been running the site Blogilates for years, has created the POP Pilates workout method, and even has an incredible line of gorgeous activewear that I’m now a little too in love with. Cassey is seriously one of my heroes. I love her message of embracing your body and focusing on being strong and healthy instead of being obsessed with the scale and getting thin. Her message jives 100% with the message of this blog, and in light of that I’ve decided to take on a fun project . . .


I’m going to do PIIT28 workouts for the entire year of 2017. I’m going to blog here about my journey, physically and emotionally, as I leave other workouts and their jacked-up ideas about why you should exercise behind. I think 365 days of Cassey’s  healthy positivity along with killer workouts is going to transform me inside and out into the very best version of me. So stay tuned for a bunch of posts about my PIIT28 journey!

I’m chronically bad at finishing things I start. You guys have seen my recent posts about how I’ve stopped and started PIIT28 a few times already . . . for a variety of reasons, some legitimate and some not. So. My resolution for 2017 is to write up an entire year’s calendar of PIIT28 workouts, done 6x a week, and to do it from start to finish!

Of course I’ll take rest days in addition to my 1 planned rest day a week if I’m legitimately ill or injured or maybe even just insanely busy. But the point is that I’m not going to endlessly re-start and replan, as is my current MO. If I miss a day, I simply move onto the next day of my calendar. And, along with the workouts, I’ll be doing the PIITsagram challenge from my @thegirlwiththegreenapple account if you want to follow that. I’m really excited about this project, and I’m excited to have you guys along as added accountability for me!

One last thing: I am going to reward myself for completing my entire year of PIIT28 by becoming a certified POP Pilates instructor. I’ve quietly had this dream ever since Cassey released her POP Pilates Certification workshops last year. But I never even dared say it out loud. I figured (1) it was too expensive, and (2) you need to be super skinny and look like a fitness model to teach fitness classes. But I finally dared peek at the pricing, and it’s a chunk of change I’ll have to save up, but not nearly as crazy as I expected. And number 2? The whole message of POP Pilates is that exercise is about feeling strong and beautiful and powerful at any weight. I’m going to embrace that idea wholeheartedly and dare to dream that I could actually teach fitness classes. I think it looks like a ton of fun, and I think teaching POP Pilates would be a great way for me to keep preaching the message that you don’t need to starve to be fit, pretty, and happy. You guys know I’m passionate about this, and I want to spread what I believe in any way I can.

So there’s one little thing y’all could do to help me with this, and I’m just going to be upfront about it. I’ve included links that allow you to buy both PIIT28 as well as Popflex Activewear. If you read my posts and think PIIT28 would actually be a good fit for you, or if you see some of the clothes I’m wearing in posts and want them, clicking on the links on my blog to complete your purchase helps me out. Please don’t buy anything you don’t genuinely want. This is not a Scentsy part, lol! But if you actually intend to buy anything PIIT28 or Popflex related, doing it through my link gives me a small commission. And what am I going to use the money I earn for? You guessed it–my POP Pilates certification.

I am really excited about 2017, guys! Thanks for reading, and watch for lots of updates on PIIT28 throughout the coming year.