Review: 10-Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates

This DVD, 10-Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates,  is one that I’ve really enjoyed using during my pregnancy to stay strong and toned. The beauty of this DVD  is that the short segments allow you to customize your workout to be as long or as short as you like and to focus on whatever parts of your body you want to give attention to most on a given day. For that reason alone, this DVD is a goodie because it lends itself so well to highly customizable workouts. It’s one of the best prenatal pilates DVDs I’ve found. Best of all, it’s dirt cheap at just $6.77 on Amazon.

prenatal pilates

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With that, let’s dive into what each section includes.

Pilates for Buns and Thighs (9:37 and 22 calories burned)

This one calls for pillows as part of your equipment. I was tempted to just curl up with them and take a nap the first time I did this particular segment, but was glad I chose to work instead, haha. 🙂 Just as a warning, the instructor, Lizbeth, does have you lie on your back for some of this segment, but with the pillows as support I didn’t feel uncomfortable or unsafe doing any of the moves. This segment overall, in my opinion, doesn’t feel terribly difficult during the workout, but WOW do I feel my inner thighs the day after doing it!

Standing Pilates (9:54 and 43 calories burned)

None of this DVD’s sections claim to be cardio-focused, but I found that my heart rate was nice and elevated through sections of this one. The “offering squats,” for example? Yowza! I felt this segment more in my quads than anywhere else, but it did hit a variety of areas (which is a plus if you’re pressed for time and need a short segment that will give attention to multiple parts of the body).


Core Pilates (9:52 and 11 calories burned)

Like in the Buns and Thighs segment, this workout calls for some pillows as equipment. And, like the Buns and Thighs segment again, you spend some time flat on your back—this time nearly 6 minutes. Again, with the pillows I felt just fine as of 22 weeks along. But, remember that one of the most important things about working out while pregnant is that YOU personally feel good and safe at all times, so use your own judgment here. I liked how Lizbeth was able to modify lots of traditional ab moves for pregnancy by having you keep your knees out wide and rely on the pillows for support. And one last similarity to the Buns and Thighs workout: it’s not a crazy-hard segment in the moment, but you will feel this one in a big way the next day.

prenatal pilates

Pilates for Flexibility (10:14 and 9 calories burned)

I’ll confess: as a mom of 2 little kids my workout time is limited, and I don’t do the stretching segments of any of these DVDs as often as I ought to unless I really, really like them. And honestly, I probably won’t repeat this one often. The stretching for the upper body was nice, but then you perform several stretches lying flat on your back, without pillows for support. This didn’t feel good to me, so I modified with other stretches instead for that segment.

Total Body Pilates (10:07 and 22 calories burned)

This is my favorite segment of the DVD. It’s called Total Body, which is fair because several of the moves engage your core and lower body, but I felt that this was mostly an upper body workout. You perform many of the moves while seated on your mat. Using 1–3lb weights, as Lizbeth recommends, might leave you thinking this section is just kind of meh, but up it to 5 lbs and I’m willing to bet you will feel the BURN!


Postnatal Bonus Workout

I’m still several months away from needing this one, so I haven’t tried this segment. But I like that it’s there, and I look forward to using it after little Scarlett makes her appearance!

As with most workout DVDs and equipment, I found that the best price for this DVD was on Amazon.  10-Minute Solutions Prenatal Pilates isn’t as mind-blowingly challenging as some others out there, but you can’t beat the price. It offers excellent, focused toning that you’ll feel the next day if not immediately after the workout is through, and I really liked the instructor, Lizbeth Garcia.

Just because I am uber cautious about safety in my pregnancy workouts, I choose to focus on the Standing and Total Body segments. But if the pillows are enough support for you on the other segments, go ahead and use them too because I thought they were all great workouts.