The End of a Chapter

Deep breaths, deep breaths . . .

After a lot of thought, I think I’m letting The Girl with the Green Apple rest.

It’s a funny thing. I felt VERY strongly about starting this blog. Laugh if you must, but I think God wanted me to. I remember a few nights of tearful Google searches when I was at my worst, desperate to find information on someone who struggled like I did but then got better. A handful of blogs I came across gave me the hope and practical suggestions I needed to slog through one more day, to keep up my courage to not give up until I was better.

So putting my story out there is something I knew I needed to do. And it’s not going anywhere. I’m going to let this blog stay out there for anyone to find who might need a voice of hope. But . . .

I’ve been frustrated lately as I’ve tried to keep my life in balance. My family, obviously, is priority number one. Taking good care of myself and maintaining the eating and workout habits that got me better and keep me better is also huge. Deciding to take on this amazing group fitness instructor journey has been incredible, but it also demands time. So by the time I’ve done all I need to on those three fronts, it’s often 11 p.m. And I kind of need sleep to be a decent human being. 😉



So farewell, readers. Thanks to all of you who have shown support as I’ve started this up. I truly hope that anyone looking for info on binge eating, ED recovery, healthy pregnancy, PIIT28, Pop Pilates, or any of the other things I’ve written about finds this blog’s content helpful. But from here on out, for the foreseeable future, I won’t be adding new content. My life is feeling too full, and this is the thing I have consciously, thoughtfully chosen to let go.

However, if you just love me to pieces (ha!) I have found that Instagram is something I can manage. I’ve re-merged my blog and personal accounts into one and called it @utahlates (like Utah and Pilates), and I’d love if you want to follow me there. It’ll be a blend of pictures of my kids and personal life along with bits about food and fitness and POP Pilates, since those are things I’m really passionate about.

So there you go. Goodbye for now—who knows? Down the road this blog might feel right and manageable again—but for the foreseeable future, I’m signing off.



About Sarah

My name is Sarah. After years of struggling to eat and exercise "normally," I've finally started to figure things out. I started up this blog to keep myself on a healthy track and to share what I've learned with anyone else out there who struggles with binge eating, body image, or anything along those lines.

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